Meet Amanda

Hello! I’m Amanda, Boss Lady here at BackRhodes Media. My passion for marketing and design started way back in college when I worked for a mom and pop gym (shoutout to Lifesport in Fairmount!). Being able to help a small business stand out and thrive amongst the competition was all it took for me to realize that there were so many other businesses out there that could use my help in getting their brands noticed. Fast forward a few years, a move from PA to RI, and some time spent working exclusively as a marketing director for a few small businesses…I finally took a leap of faith and BackRhodes Media was born.

As social media started to become key to businesses growing and finding their place in the industry, I fell more and more in love with branding and storytelling, I believe every business should have an authentic voice, which is why I put so much emphasis on spending time with my clients and helping to curate content and websites that are true to who they are. Getting to know my clients and their brand is the key to both their success and mine.

When I’m not working or spending time with clients, you can find me behind my camera photographing everything and anything, or spending time with my husband and two rescue dogs. I also co-run Always Adopt, a non-profit that hosts super-sized dog adoption events in Rhode Island where I get to volunteer my marketing and photography skills.